Aircraft TurnsAircraft turns are an important part of procedure design. Find out how PDToolKit can be used for Spiral, Nominal and Protected turns.

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The latest ICAO amendments to PAN-OPS have been released. Find out the implications and how PDToolKit can help.

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Since 1995, ASD has evolved the ultimate collection of productivity tools and utilities used by many professional procedures designers employed throughout the world.

Annex 14 Surface with DTED and Contours PDToolKit is the complete ICAO PANS-OPS and FAA TERPS criteria procedures design suite for Procedures Designers, Regulators and airline procedure validators. ASMToolKit is available as a stand-alone application delivering a full solution for the assessment of aerodrome surfaces against surveyed obstacle data in accordance with ICAO Annex 14, providing an ideal platform for Airports and design consultants. With the introduction of PBN (Performance Based Navigation) ASD is introducing AstutePD to further increase your productivity in designing new procedures to optimise available airspace and efficient aircraft operations.

The starting point in procedure design...

Today, there is a wealth of information and data that a procedure designer needs to access to assist in the design process of flight procedures and airspace optimisation. Over many years ASD have developed a series of tools that match the needs of PANS OPS and TERPS designers, delivering AIXM data management workflows and support for many different data import types such as CAP 232, regional survey formats, DVOF and FAA Data.

Full integration...

All the ASD products take full advantage of the host CAD platform, uniquely able to support both Bentley MicroStation V8i and AutoDesk’s AutoCAD MAP 3D. This gives the PDToolKit user the added benefit of all the features of a top-flight CAD system can offer. This can be Map Projection, importing of data, raster maps, fast graphical display and true 3D design which goes far beyond that available with GIS platforms. The very latest methods and development technologies from Microsoft are employed to deliver a dynamic and up-to-date interface for maximum choice of solution design including Database integration, XML reporting and GIS visualisation.

Find out more...

The ASD suite of software programs can fit your aerodrome, airspace and procedure design activities whether you’re a procedures designer, airline operator or airport management facility. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our website, do feel free to contact us with any questions or demonstration request.

About PDToolKit

"... a true 'toolkit' to complement the skills of the professional in the area ..."

  • Aerodrome Safeguarding
  • SDO Import/Export
  • Aviation Calculator
  • XML Reporting
  • XML Analysis

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New Android App
ASD launches it first android app for Aviation Calculator offering some basic tools for free.

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